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Resolution Connect Enrichment Groups 

Missing Link Resolution Services presents "Resolution Connect", men's and women's group helping resolve the challenging questions life's experiences bring. A place where you can learn about your strengths to love yourself and be the best version of "YOU". 


Men's Group

Anthony Carrington - Facilitator

Our Mission 

We aim to encourage, guide, and exhort men to unify; being the leaders you were created to be. 

Put on the whole Armour of God...

Ephesian 6: 11-18 KJV

Climb to Another Level

When the odds are against you and life's challenges create an obstacle that make you feel unlikely to succeed. Helping to bridge the gap between God's original design for men and their reality.

...we are more than conquerors...

Romans 8:37-39 KJV

When you made it to the top, don't underestimate the power to reach back!

...strengthen thy brother...

Luke 22:32 KJV

Be the difference!

Be ye therefore followers of God...

Eph.5 KJV

How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight...

Deut. 32:30 KJV

《Call for details》 



Women's Group

Carol Polk - Facilitator

We have the power to Defeat


Virtuous - Having or showing virtue, especially moral excellence; lead a virtuous life.

...a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

Prov. 31:10-31 KJV 

Connecting for Greatness!

《Call for details》



Missing Link Life Changers 

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