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Missing Link Life Changers 

Carol Polk has over 30 years of medical experience in patient care. Realizing her passion, Carol established three businesses in 2017, dedicated to motivate, inspire change and hope to the hopeless teaching strategies and healthy life skills for a healthier lifestyle, believing obstacles are like mountains you must climb getting to "Greater Heights" toward success.

Carol has achieved a Program Certificate in Addiction Counseling, Atlantic Cape Community College - Mays Landing, New Jersey, Certification of Continuing Education in Faith Leadership, GOAL Project - Lancaster, PA and Overdose Awareness and Reversal Training, Project Lazarus - Lancaster, PA.

Carol has committed to serve and promote positive change in the community as a resource provider through several agencies: Compass Mark, Pennsylvania 211 Data Base System, EAP with Mazzetti and Sullivan, and a participant with Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission Providers Meetings. 


• Intervening to improve the wellbeing of those refusing help or is otherwise unable to initiate or accept help. 

• Guiding you through a process that can help direct you from relapsing into undesirable behaviors. 

• Offering coaching after treatment; helping you build confidence in maintaining a lifestyle full of joy, hope and success.

12 Step Principles 

Taking one step at a time to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering a different type of strategy that will look into your moral inventory to discover your strengths and weaknesses to avoid  undesirable lifestyles and pitfalls life brings.

"Climb to Greater Heights."

Life Coach

• Inspiring and supporting personal growth and positive change to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Offering guidance, encouragement, mentoring and advice to help boost self confidence to overcome the challenges life brings. 


                             Additional Services 

Missing Link Ministries 

Marital Union / Couple Enrichment

Christian approach challenging you to a healthier union.

 We believe in Christ centered marriages. 

Let us guide you to "Oneness." 

Missing Link Ministries

Couples Getaway

Ignite the Flame

Marriages needs time to reignite the flame.

 A romantic getaway is a great place to start.

 Find the passion to connect like never before. 

Let us help you fall in Love again!

Missing Link Life Changers 

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